Die Hard On Ice

Client: Now TV | Director: Steve Jay


Client: Toast | Director: Will Clark Smith


Client: Tabasco | Director: Will Clark Smith

Positive Cup

Client: Nespresso | Director: Steve Jay

London Is Ours

Client: Macmillan | Director: George MacCallum

Monaco F1 Opener

Client: Channel 4 | Director: Richard Gort


Client: Cobra | Director: George Belfield

The Rip Tide

Client: Beirut | Director: Houmam Abdallah

The Dance of Death

Client: Mazda | Director: Steve Jay

Play Wheelchair Basketball

Client: British Wheelchair Basketball | Director Steve Jay

Right Beside You

Client: Aberdeen Asset Management | Director: Matt Carroll

Show me a Car

Client: Renault | Director: Steve Jay

The Leap of Faith

Client: Mazda | Director: Steve Jay


Client: Wing | Director: Eddie Sternberg


Client: Honda | Director: Will Clark Smith


Client: OVO Energy | Director: Steve Jay

Britain’s Next Top Model

Client: Lifetime | Director: Shane O'Neill

Nat Geo – Sharkfest

Client: Nat Geo | Director: Dom Jones


Client: HMX | Director: Sam Preece

Shaun Ryder On UFO’s

Client: History | Director: Salpi Bailey

Fright Fest

Client: Horror Channel | Director: Helen Glover & Ryan Casey

Miss Nothing

Client: ESPN | Director Tom Carroll

Mud Men

Client: History | Director: Will Clark Smith


Client: Mazda | Director: Steve Jay

Nissan Infiniti

Client: Nissan | Director: Ryan Reddick

Alex Thomson Racing

Client: Hugo Boss | Director: Graham Lewis